LP-Sync is an experimental music platform built on sound. It seamlessly merges analog and streaming content by using audio recognition. Users can launch streaming media, music visualizers, NFTs, light shows, or any IOT events just by playing their favorite records. This was designed to work with any record player and any record in existence. This is an ongoing project currently in development.

| Features

Album Details
Using the LPS is as easy as putting on a record. The album is automatically identified and contextual details like album art, track info, and music videos are instantly prompted.

Mobile App
LPS connects to any mobile device, allowing users to deep dive into album info and exclusive content, engage in community forums, and customization their playback experience.

Auto Flip
Users can set the LPS to "Auto-Flip" their albums by digitally streaming the next album tracks. This can be triggered instantly, after a timer or turned off completely.

Visual Albums
Along with Music Videos, Visual albums can also be synced to the analog record. Skipping tracks will move the videos seamlessly along the timeline.

Streaming Albums
Proxy albums can trigger streaming experiences like streaming playlists, podcasts and online radio stations.

NFT Albums
LPS can provide an easy to use and collectible keepsake for musical NFTs and other Crypto goods. Using simple tones, LPS can link and authenticate digital goods.

Surround Sound
Additional audio tracks can be added (and synced) to the analog channels. This can be used to add surround channels to traditional stereo albums.

Dynamic Visuals
Even if the LPS can't recognize the song, it can provide dynamic visualizers and connected lightshows. These visualizers can be applied to any album.

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