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| Brand Campaign

The Sound of Victory was the 2020/21 brand campaign for the biggest gaming audio brand in the world, Turtle Beach. Focusing on the sound design of the hottest games and player's battle cries, The Sound of Victory became the all-encompassing brand concept that covered retail marketing, influencer engagements, and social content.  At the height of the global pandemic, we shot dozens of global influencers over Zoom and tied them together into one brand anthem video which became a modular social system and UGC campaign.

| Social Influencer Videos

| European Social Contest Promo



For the follow up to the #1 bestselling gaming headsets, the Stealth 600 and 700, we knew we had to deliver on an incredible campaign for the successor of their blockbuster Stealth line. Instead of an introduction, we focused on the evolution, and the upgrades from the original 600s. We created incredible product videos, an overall Gen 2 brand campaign, influencer strategy, an extensive global social and paid media campaign. All this resulted in the Stealth 600 Gen 2’s becoming the biggest gaming headset globally, and continued Turtle Beach’s domination in the segment.

| Sample Paid Media

| RECON 500

For the product video for the revolutionary headset, The Recon 500, Turtle Beach introduced their cutting edge Eclipse Dual Drivers and Wood Pulp driver assembly. They spent 10 years developing this driver, so we needed to focus the video showcasing these revolutionary features and celebrate innovation within a notoriously barebones segment.

Creative Direction/Art Direction


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